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luxury gangways
With the numerous testings and searching for operation designed to insure safety for its users, GS Composite has developed the perfect structure, hi-tech, ultra light and resistant carbon gangway.
The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Carbon Gangways

Choosing the right gangway is simple. Different models offers diversity so picking the right gangway is easy. All models are made entirely from carbon fiber and have non slip finish on walking surface, certified for nautical industry.

Steering wheels

GS Composite carbon steering wheels are produced from aluminum molds with quality pre-preg fabrics.  All wheels are made by non-bonding technology, which allows incredible modern, minimalistic design. 


ultra light carbon gangway from 200 cm and up to 320 cm, and steering wheels.
All models are made entirely from carbon fiber and have non slip finish on walking surface, certified for nautical industry.
innovation in the nautical area, as they are the first gangways, which are manufactured by VARTM system. 
a unique manufacturing technology enables the gangways are extremely lightweight and the construction is extremely solid.

Advantages at glance 

Extremely light and easy to use.
Square shape prevents any wrapping on the torsion.
0 % corrosion.
Gangways are processed on full surface.
Anti slip thread on walking surface.
Integrated, acid free wheels adjusted for lifting rope.
Unique, acid free aluminium male deck fitting and hinges.
Head of gangways is designed not to get in a contact with boat even when moving.
Easy theft protection.
High design can be upgraded with customization, unique design, name on gangway, teak surface ...
V shape of gangway provides simple and thin storage.
Receiver of elite DAME award, as the most respected and most talked design competition for new marine equipment and accessories in the world.
Made in EU.

Choose your unique carbon gangway

With a few simple steps, you can create your own unique carbon gangway with all accessories

Length & Type

You can choose between 4 lengths and 3 types of gangways 

Model & Customisation

You can customize your gangways according to your boat name and your preferred typography.

Colour & Design

You can also choose between 6 colours of nonskid surface and 10 types of design.
After you choose the boat fitting and add extra accessories,
we will contact your with your personal offer.

About us

GS Composite Carbon Gangways are a leap forward in nautical accessory design and are the first gangways manufactured by the VARTM System. Their extraordinary design, technological innovation and practical value launches GS Composite Gangways into the top tier of nautical equipment manufactures and are now a must-have aftermarket accessory. GS Composite provide a complete range of models and styles, with fixture/fitting options, custom colors, and teak surfacing all available along with a vast number of accessoires. These gangways are fully customisable. In 2009 they were awarded the prestigious DAME Award fr design and functionality.

GS Composite

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  • Our gangway is fantastic and works very well, I made a lot of advert to friends for you !!
    I can see now a lot af catamaran ( fountaine pajot, lagoon, Outremer ) that have now your carbon gangway, that is great.


  • I absolutely LOVE the new carbon gangway — just arrived back on the boat 2 days ago and it was the first thing I unpacked. Well done!

    AND… when I get the boat washed up nicely, I will try to send you a photo of the gangway — it really looks great with our navy blue hull.

    Dan Rice

  • A big thank you to you and the team at GS we really love our gangway. I’m glad we ordered the 2.6m length. We have used all the parts.
    Best regards

    Peter Beuvink

Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj (ESRR).
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